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What We Do

Construction, especially for first-timers, can be a frustrating and stressful process, made worse by escalating costs, poor communication with the parties involved or a dead-line that is never met.

At LMMF we help consumers and builders alike with managing the construction process, either  from design stage with the architect to develop a budget or, by taking the finished plans, producing a budget that includes all costs expected, a programme of the scope of work and/or, the management with which to achieve it.

We avoid costly mistakes before they happen by ensuring you don’t pay for work before it is complete.

Services We Offer

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Analysis of Your Project Documentation

We review the drawings and specifications and make recommendations regarding build-ability of the design and any cost-savings that may work.

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Site Visit & Risk Analysis

We will visit your site to get a full understanding of the area and the effects it may have on the intended construction. We will analyse any risks that the area will have on the new construction.

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Materials Measurement & Quantification

We take the drawings and quantify the components of the construction design so that these can be priced by the specialist trades, e.g. foundations in cubic metres of concrete. We produce an entire break-down of the design.


We produce a shaded/coloured reproduction of every drawing measured showing a legend of the material categories measured and the quantity for easy understanding and pricing.


We take the quantity survey and turn this into a document that can then be priced; by us initially to get a working budget for your project but also to appoint a main contractor to do all the works or,to suppliers to get prices back for their part.

We can produce an entire project cost plan that will encompass all expenses that a main contractor would want for carrying out the project. It would also include items such as new service connections and all the extras that are required to make the project fully functional.

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Due to our experience in the industry we can offer procurement services encompassing all elements required to build your project. You will need obviously an architect and maybe a structural engineer but you may need others. This is where our expertise can lead you in the right direction, saving you time and money.

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Project Management

We can provide the framework with which to build your project. Acting on your behalf we undertake:

  • Developing a working programme,
  • Management of the consultants required,
  • Selection of the materials,
  • Value engineering
  • Risk analysis,
  • Building control liaison,
  • Warranties and performance bonding,
  • Site set up
  • Management of service connections and provider companies
  • Document control and distribution
  • Quality control
  • Valuations and payments
  • Operations and maintenance manual
  • Hand over and commissioning

Homeowners and Property Developers

The construction process can be daunting to those unfamiliar with it and money can easily be sucked up in construction. At LMMF we understand that our clients need to feel secure about the complex processes involved so we spend time developing a detailed budget based on the current designs. We meet and discuss the project with you and your architects to discuss the risks and get as accurate as we can about the design to avoid costly changes. We analyse and price the materials chosen, the type of construction and the methodology to give you the best possible budget number.

What you get is a working budget that is the plan used to drive the procurement of the trades or, select a main contractor to perform the works.

Following on from this, our project management services can be used post budget to ensure progress according to the site programme, ensuring quality, valuations and payments review and the budget is being met. We ensure the O and M manuals are prepared and that the hand-over transition is as smooth as possible for the end user.

Building Contractors and Specialist Suppliers

LMMF have assisted many contractors in building projects. We provide:

  • Estimating/bidding services from plans and specifications
  • Detailed, graphic drawing reproduction of the measures and quantities
  • Detailed cost plan showing the entire scope of works
  • Detailed lists of inclusions/exclusions
  • Market testing of rates used for the bid
  • Analysis of preliminaries pertaining to the bid
  • Analysis of overhead and profit margins
  • Re-measuring works on projects to verify quantities,
  • Audit accounts
  • Provide document checks.
  • Review the contracts being chosen and any amendments attached or added
  • Provide valuation services
  • Provide variation/change management services and costing


LMMF embraces the latest technology to gather data and information to assist in project management services.

LMMF uses current project management software (Envision – budget permitting) to track, monitor and report to all parties on the progress of the project.

LMMF uses drones to survey the areas surrounding your property and the resulting point cloud and 3D model can be used to marry in your construction exactly where it needs to be and can be used by the architect and engineer to tie their design into the point cloud.

Drones can also be used to provide time-lapse and progress feedback into your BIM systems to provide stakeholders with up-to-date project information.

Who We Are

LMMF is a construction consultancy specialising in producing budgets and cost plans of developments and projects, project management and procurement of the people necessary to get it built. We operate primarily in and around the SE of England.

At LMMF we use current technology to offer you a comprehensive cost breakdown of your construction project. We evaluate the construction, measure and price it using current market rates, advise on the specialists required and undertake the project management of the venture.We go out into the marketplace to check that the rates we give you can be matched. We can give you an accurate construction budget and assist in reducing over-spend where possible.

We offer our services to a variety of clients who are anxious to build but at the right cost, quality and time frame and we tailor our services to suit those needs.


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